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Poojyashree Shree Amma's
Vedhanaadham - The Sound For The Soul - October 2005
Sound 2
Vibration : 7

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1. The Divine Message - Message From Poojyashree Shree Amma - The Ultimate Liberator Bestowed By Lord Shri Krishna!


Amma's abhayakarangal

Blessings to one and all in the world.

Radhekrishna! Many kings ruled their kingdom along with Bhakthi and among them was the King Sri Kulasekhara Aazhwaar. Till today, Bhaktha Meera is popularly and widely known since she scaled all heights in Bhakthi. The Bhakthaas always progressed in their Bhakthi. There are crores of people who take birth on this earth, but we are not able to refer such names as we have our own circle and stick to that group alone such as our relatives, aunt, uncle, grandma etc., which also changes as time passes. Change in the sense, the person while performing the Thithi, does not even know the names of the elders of three generations. He knows the name of his generation and that of his fathers generation and his grandfathers generation but fails to reveal the name of his grandfathers father. Thus, we tend to forget them very soon as years roll.

Where as, even today we talk about Bhakth Meera (a royal princess), Santh Sakubai, Sri Kulasekhara Aazhwaar (a King from Kerala). Had they lived and enjoyed their life only materialistically, we would not have talked about them today. While, they have left an impact by doing Bhakthi. It is not that they alone enjoyed doing it while they left for others also to enjoy the same. When a person has a property, he accumulates the same for him and his next generation. If he owns a house, he may not even leave it to his son on whom he does not have faith whereas will present it to his grandson or his daughter-in-law in his will.

However, the great saints and Sathgurus have shown us the path of devotion and the happiness derived from it, which they were blessed with devout experience. According to them, doing Bhakthi is the easiest way to attain God and the humankind should understand this and do Bhakthi so that they do not face any difficulty in their life. Some have the feeling that Bhakta Kuchelar did bhakthi, only due to poverty and since he was not getting his food. If so, why Meera did bhakti, why so King Kulasekhara Aahwaar and King Dasarathar did? King Janaka, father of Goddess Sita was a great devotee than king Dasaratha. No one can do bhakti, the way they did. King Dasaratha was fortunate to have Lord Rama as his son. Radhekrishna! Radhekrishna! 

But King Janaka, father of Goddess Sita, and father-in-law of Lord Rama was ruling a kingdom. Even then he did bhakti. Even though he was doing all karmas a king should do, he never had any attachment in those karmas and was doing bhakti at the same time. Like so, many king and queens were in existence, but we talk of only King Janaka, King Kulasekhara Aazhwaar, because after experiencing the eternal bliss of ULTIMATE GOD, they have shown to others that path of bhakti as the easiest way to attain God and to enjoy similar bliss. Out of crores of human beings, scarcely we find one devotee as of King Janaka, King Kulasekhara Aazhwaar.

Though many attend satsang, only a few hundreds listen devotedly. Out of the said few hundreds also, scantily a single devotee is engrossed in bhakti and experiences to the core, the eternal bliss of ULTIMATE GOD. Such a devotee sacrifice their life for the happiness of others and show them the path of devotion. True happiness is not the pleasure derived for the body, but the soul should get the pleasure. The very few who give happiness to the soul are Mahatmas and Mahathis and they remain immortal. It is only their body perishes but the preachings and divine messages are remembered and remains for ever.

Radhekrishna Satsangam devotees have found the reason for Ultimate contentment. People can say that they are also leading a contented life having bank balance in crores, owning bunglows, landed property etc. But they are also worried in safeguarding these properties. Not sufficing, they have worries for each activity such as for appetite, digestion, extricating the unwanted food as waste and what not. If they have faith in GOD, then they need not worry for all these. To have faith in GOD, one should surrender to HIM wholeheartedly with mind, words and action. One should be associated with the GOD.

Parents boast of their children and their love towards them, that they cannot live without them. But, at the same time when they attain the age of 25 are sent to States and United Kingdom not because for their welfare but to accumulate wealth for the comforts of parents. In the same manner when son attains age of 25 and gets married, parents are not able to accept the fact and envy the daughter-in-law who has come to share the relation with their son. Some foolish sons do not understand this envious attitude of the mother and praise of their mothers love and affection towards them. Then, what is the purpose in marrying off the son? Anything is to be bestowed upon only to the extent deserved. With consciousness, should think of doing well to others. 

Better employment and earning hefty salary is only due to the effort of teachers in the school and colleges. The human body and the main organ, brain, the creation of God helps in remembering and putting into practice the guidance and teaching imparted by the teachers. But whether any individual remembers God for such grace and owes the success to HIM? Even, the process of breathing is only due to the unconditional grace of the God alone. What is the need for Bhagawan to do all these, as if HE is the servant and to perform all these deeds? Foolish people do not understand the grace of Bhagawan. BHAJA GOVINDAM BHAJA GOVINDAM GOVINDAM BHAJA  MOODAMATHE. 

The great Mahatmas and Mahathis are concerned about the foolishness of the human in not understanding the grace of Bhagawan. Likewise, when crores of people attend satsang, only a single person understands the ULTIMATE, PARAMATHMA. But, this single person attains the position of a true preceptor and lifts up the people from the web of illusion. Hence, a true preceptor looks forward to get at least a single disciple to understand the Bhakthi in the real sense and attain Paramatma. A true preceptor will be too happy to know that all the disciples have understood the real sense of Bhakthi. 

As it is fortunate to attain a Sathguru, in the same way it is also fortunate to get a sathshishyan. A Sathguru, in creating a sathshishyan feels elated as he can be a cause for crores and crores of people to listen sathsangs. This is the reason sathgurus emphasise the importance of Namajapam. To do Namajapam, WILL is the only requirement. The sathgurus desire to know the change for good attained in the life due to Namajapam. Namajapam is considered to be the route to attain God in Kaliyug.

When it is assessed that water can be found if a tube well is dug for 20 feet, the digging should be done at that particular spot for 20 feet and not 10 feet in one place, 4 feet in another likewise. It is made certain that water is available and if dug at one place for 20 feet and it is for us to get the same. In the same way, if we pray to one God in the morning, to the other in the afternoon and another in the evening will be of no sense.

People only boast of false ego and pride of visiting particular temples every year and so on. In doing do so neither they get any betterment or others. However, the traders and businessmen make a fortune. Every one of us should make fortune in attaining God and can be attained only by Namajapam. Hence, it is stressed of EKA DEIVAM EKA NAAMAM. As it is to be dug at one place whether 20 feet or more until water is found, in the same way Namajapam should be done continuously for attaining God. The soul desires bhakthi and for this Namajapam is the only way. 

By continuous chanting of Lords naama, one should be grateful to HIS grace for being with us, being permanent, who has given us human birth, who has helped in growing, who has given happiness and realisation of it. Many of us grumble of sorrows and hardships. It is invited only by them and not given by God. Even if it is felt that God gives it, one should have unconditional faith on God and make efforts to search HIM. God Himself searches and reaches to such devotees who make effort to search HIM. God does not leave those who do not search him and even they are blessed upon to do Namajapam. However, they are not the fortunate people. Only those who clutch to the God and surrenders unto HIM are the fortunate ones. 

There were many women folks and queens. However, we worship only Bhakta Meera. In the same manner, King Janaka is worshipped. Janaka means the one who shows path to others. He was also a king only. Bhagawan has not differentiated any persons whether king, queen, scholar, rich, or poor. All worldly karmas are to be performed with the mind on God. This is what Bhagawan is asking for. What an easy way. Bhagawan as Antaryaami is showering the grace on the Jeevathmas. HE has given the solution also in the form of Naamajapam. Bhagawan can be attained by this easiest way of doing Naamajapam. As the Mahathmas and Mahathis have shown the way of doing Naamajapam for attaining GOD, it is to be done continuously and with utmost faith. 

                    Radhekrishna, Radhekrishna, Radhekrishna, Radhekrishna, Radhekrishna, Radhekrishna.


Poojyashri Shri Amma

Chennai, October 2005

Listen to Amma's divine message in Her own voice! (in Tamil)


(Our Guruji Amma is the embodiment of simplicity (saulabhyam) has been doing Sathsangam in all possible ways amidst her household chores to the mankind on whole and was thus rendering a sathsangam to a devotee of overseas on phone)

It is fortunate to listen and be blessed to Guruji Ammas Sathsangam through phone irrespective of ones domicile in any nook and corner of this universe and many more souls should yearn to enjoy this bliss! Since people are easily tempted to the uncivilized activities and are trapped in the web of movies, television programmes and some unpleasant magazines, more and more Sathsangams should be encouraged and attended to keep oneself engaged in the union of the Almighty, which is the only eternal truth. Just as hills are made of hard stones alone and its originality cannot be replaced, likewise Bhagawaan is the eternal truth and at a stage each one realizes this truth. Its no compulsion and even those who have disassociated will realize this truth. Such is the greatness of Bhakthi and Naamasankeerthana. Since, Naamasankeerthana is the Kali Yuga Dharma, there is no match to it. Radhekrishna!




2. Mahatmas - New Bhaktacharitras Each Month

India is the holy land with so many bhaktas (devotees). When we go through the Indian history, there must be a bhakta in every period. That is the greatness of this sacred land. Bhaktas are the role model for all the bonded souls. They enjoy their life in a perfect way. Bhaktas surrender themselves to the Lotus feet of Lord. By hearing or reading bhaktas' divine story, the bonded soul is enlightened to come out of the worldwide bondages.

Radhekrishna! Sincere chanting and listening to the great stories of devotees will surely give a peace of mind to everybody, even in this 21st century. So many people think that listening to the devotee's stories is a waste of time and there is no benefit at all. If somebody wants to realize the power of bagawan, first of all they must listen bhaktha charithram [stories of devotees]. There are so many advantages in listening to baktha charithram.

One should always keep thinking about the greatness of the bhakthaas. This greatness of the bhakthaas alone can lead the people in the right direction as the samsaaris always spend their time in the thought about their life and its problems. At every stage of the life, there arises some or the other problem. When there is a serious problem, the samsaaris keep thinking about it alone and become normal when the problem stands solved. After some time some other, problem may crop up and they continue to do the same. Thus, they live their life based on problems and not on happiness. 

In the beginning of the month when there is sufficient money, the people keep doing whatever they feel like and at the end of the month when they face shortage of money, they keep grumbling about it or of some other problem. Overall, the samsaaris live their life based on problems and imagine life to be full of sorrows. For such people to realize that the life is happiness alone and happiness is life, they should keep thinking constantly about the life history of the bhakthaas. Of them, Thirumangai Aazhwaars Charithram that is, Parakaalars charithram is the most significant. His love towards the Bhakthaas is incomparable. He had a firm decision of helping the bhakthaas come what may be. He tried to amass money in all possible ways, even by looting to serve the bhagawath bhakthaas for the Thadhi Aaradhanai(offering of food to 1008 Shri Vaishnavas daily). He had immense fascination in doing this service to the bhakthaas. The human tendency is such that when he is fascinated of something, goes to its extreme in the pursuit. When attracted towards lust, his own physical structure, fame, attainment of continuous victory etc. tries to reach to the highest peak in enjoying the same. In the same manner while doing bhakthi also, ventures out to its extreme.

Parakaalar had an immense fascination in serving Thadhi Aaradhanai to the bhaktaas. In real, one should have this tendency of serving the bhaktaas. Birth after birth we are leading a life for our own family, friends etc. Beyond this, a desire to live for serving bhaktaas should come in the mind. Parakaalar had enormous liking in serving the bhaktaas and hence did not think of discontinuing this despite lack of funds. Normally a person does charity only when he has abundant money, for fame, to earn name etc. He does not indulge in charity when he himself has nothing to do so. There is also a saying Charity and donation is only after meeting the needs of self. Parakaalar did not think of all these, because he had great pleasure in serving Thadhi Aaradhanai to Shri Vaishnavas. He experienced bliss, which could not be expressed in words. He had peace in mind, which he would not like to lose at anybodys instance. He had vowed to continue the serving of Thadhi Aaradhanai by looting even. Therefore, he started looting. Radhekrishna! What a fascination! However, he was not looting the bhaktaas, good souls, but was looting the sinful persons. The amount so amassed was used for serving the bhakataas owing the deed to the Bhagwaan. Surprisingly he was procuring the money every day. It is natural that deeds done for the better cause gets help and assistance at all times. We have only to make efforts. One does not get such help if efforts are not made. To continue to live on this earth making efforts is necessary. Making effort is the purpose. Like wise parakaalar makes effort and begets assistance. 

He continued looting. Once in a forest in Thiruvali Thirunagari, a Dhivya Desam, also known as Bhilvaaranyam, Parakaalan surrounded by his ministers namely, Neer mEl nadappaan (one who can walk on the water), nizhalil odhunguvaan (to stay behind ones shadow without his knowledge), thaaLoodhuvaan (one who unlocks any lock just by blowing on it with his mouth) and tholavazhakkan (one who never loses in his legal arguments) was waiting for a prey. The great bhaktaas have also said this place as ThirumanankoLLai, which will be explained later. The whole night passed away without any fortunes and did not get anything to loot. Our life is also passing on in the same manner night followed by a day, seasons such as monsoon, summer, winter, spring sunrise, sunset, marriage anniversary, and birthday and so on. However, we do not understand that valuable time also passes on with it. We can make purposeful use of valuable time until the body is in sound condition and are able to perform work. As the human body on ageing loses the strength, time cannot be used purposefully excepting grumbling on the sick bed. Parakaalan was waiting as the time passed on, but did not appear to have begotten anything. He was anxious and yearning to get valuables for serving Thadhi Aaradhanai to Shri Vaishnavas. One should have such crave in their life. The human tendency is that they have the yearn to do bhakthi and devotion towards Bhagawaan when in difficulties, and loses the yearning once the difficulty is over. Again when comes across of any problem yearns for devotion towards Bhagawaan and so on. This is not the way of doing bhakthi. The yearning and desire for Bhagawaan should always be there and remain unchanged.

Parakaalar had this staunch longing and desire for serving Thadhi Aaradhanai to Shri Vaishnavas. Bhagawaan noticed his yearn and desire. Bhagawaan never obliges for money, beauty, language, rich, but only gets attracted to the pure unblemished mind with yearn and desire for HIM. Parakaalar had such a noticeable yearning. The yearning and desire of Parakaalan for serving Thadhi Aaradhanai to HIS bhaktaas even by looting, which is the ultimate, impressed upon Bhagawaan. The ultimatum is serving the bhaktaas and there is none to surpass it. Parakaalar being firm in his serving Thadhi Aaradhanai to Shri Vaishnavas and yearn and desire, Bhagawaan decided to take him in his arms and engage in bhakthi. Bhagawaan proceeded in doing so. Let us see in the next month what HE had done and how he had done. Radhekrishna! 

To be continued................


3. Krishnam Vande Jagadhgurum - Extracts From The Holy Bhagawath Geetha

Radhekrishna.Hinduism is an ancient religion. All the things that have been spoken in Hindu religion can be applied in practical life. Although in 21st century till everyone can apply this in his or her daily life. The aim of Hindu religion is to provide total happiness to everyone at all times (or any point of time). The essence of Hinduism is told in "Bhagawad Gita". In order to realize what is said in Bhagawad Gita it is a compulsory (must) to have an unconditional faith on Bhagawad Gita. So many people have benefited in their lives because of the (by reading) shlokas of Bhagawad Gita. In Bhagawad Gita, Bhagawan Shri Krishna has told the way to lead a happy life in such an easy way that even a normal layman can easily understand. The slokas are so simple that anyone can understand and use it practically.

Gurujiamma & Guruji - Krishnam Vande Jagathgurum

Bhagawaan Sri Krishna always wishes that the mankind be happy always and advises accordingly and never the other way. While the jeevathmaas do not possess the capacity to decide what is good for them since they are ignorant. Sometimes people assume certain thing alone to be good for them while it may turn out to be the most troublesome at a later stage and are unable to decide as they are in ignorance. It is God alone who is Omnipotent and is always there in the past, present and future. Therefore, God alone knows what is good for the jeevathmaas may it be a male or a female or an animal, tree or a bird. He takes care of every single living being on this earth and nurtures them at all times. Lord Krishna recited the holy Bhagawath Geetha to destroy all the confusions and misconceptions of the jeevathmaas. HE recited the Geetha for the entire mankind taking Arjuna to be the cause and especially the following sloka

YathkarOshi yadhashnaasi YajjuhOshi dhadhaasi Yath!
Yaththapasyasi Kountheya! Thathkurushva madharpanam!

Indeed an amazing sloka and every word from this sloka reveals the secret of life for us in varieties. dhadhaasi Yath, means what one offers as donation. Offering donation is a serene experience. In this world, we come across to know that a person may not be bestowed with certain thing which another person may be and when the need arises to the needy, the person who is privileged donates the same and makes the needy happy which is known as donation (dhaanam). Donation is such a thing, which has to be done without any expectations. Whereas, many of them while donating do it with expectations alone. By giving donation (dhaanam) one can earn a lot of virtue and wash way the sin. By doing good deeds, a persons happiness increases. 

The good deeds done by a person is supportive in leading the life peacefully. The chief outcome of donation (dhaanam) is virtue alone. At many instances, people do not experience the happiness in spite of having done donation (dhaanam). They feel sorry for having done the donation and why they donated to that particular person. There is a law that donations (dhaanam) are to be done to the deserving person alone and not to the person who do not realize its worth. While, in this kaliyuga, the people are not sharp enough and are unable to decide who is good and who is not good and and what one has to be donated with due to which they do not get any peace in spite of donating. Especially, in these days the donation done physically is considered to be very significant such as, donating blood, eye, kidney, food etc. that is based on physical help. But, by donating so, one should experience the peace to its fullest core and not just to be benefited by its virtues as, after some time there is no residue of the virtues. For instance, when someone donates blood, he is benefited by its merits and as days go by its product result comes to an end. For eg., if somebody has Rs.100/- with him and when he spends that money, he has nothing left with him. Similarly, the virtues also after certain period stand in nil. Hence, everybody expects permanent peace after donating. By donating one should experience happiness. Aandal also quotes in her Thiruppaavai, as Aiyyamum, Pichchaiyum, Aandhanaiyum kai katti, uyyumaaranni ugandhElo rembhaavaai". That is, the donation should be given to the deserving and also in time. There is no use donating when its need is not felt. Take for instance, a person is feeling hungry and is asking for food and if he is told to come the next day and assured that he will be fed, then there is no use of such a donation. There is a lot more to know about donation (dhaanam). Wait till the next month.

Poojyashree Shree Ammavin thiruvadigale saranam saranam saranam

Poojyashree Shree Ammavin Thiruvadigale Saranam Saranam Saranam.


4. The Divine Songs - Dhivyaprabhandham

Naalaayira Dhivyaprabandham

VaaLaal aRuththuchudinum maruththuvanpaal 

maaLaadhakaadhal noyaaLanpol *

 maayaththaal meeLaaththuyartharinum viRRuvakkottamma *

nee ALaaunadharuLe paarpan adiyEnE.


( Sri Kulasekara Aazhwaars PerumaaL Thirumozhi  691/1000/4000 )



Kulashekara Azhwaar




However, a doctor, while treating his patient tears upon the affected part of the body for surgical operation and puts the patient in pain and difficulties, the patient has utmost faith, love and affection towards the doctor. Similarly, I have none to seek for refuge and rescue me from the web of illusions and hence I shall not leave your lotus feet until you shower your grace on me.


In this universe, human life is very special. Even though animals and birds also lead a life, human life has a very special importance. Because the thinking power of human beings is more than that of animals and birds. May it be any number of years, the behaviour of a lion, dog or crow does not change at all. However, there are lot changes in the behaviour and life pattern of human beings. Once upon a time, there was no electricity at all, but now the same has become an absolute necessity. When the needs of human beings enhance the development of science progresses. Therefore, there is a change in his intelligence and due to his thinking process; there are lot of changes in the human society. Therefore, the devotion (Bhakthi) has to be inculcated to the human beings, only who possess the power of thinking. Devotion is a heartfelt experience, a ray of hope. The devotion helps in leading a comfortable and contented life. Human life is an experience of happiness, sorrow, hatred etc. At times, he does not understand himself and has to lead a life amongst all these confusions. This devotion is very much necessary to lead a happy life under any circumstances. The truth is that when we realize that a super power exists and protects us, we perform all deeds and come victorious in the pursuits. It is not similar to those of autosuggestion as said in the modern world. When we realise the existence of devotion and experience it, are able to achieve big success. Therefore, the devotion has an important place in the human life. Devotion alone is the prime factor and the human life circle is based on that to lead a happy life. Human life, being a very special one, and devotion is utmost necessary for it, the mahatmas have shown us the path of devotion in many ways. Sri Kulasekhara Aazhwaar has shown us in an extra-ordinary manner. He gives different examples in showing us the path of devotion. 

VaaLaal aRuththuchudinum maruththuvanpaal 

maaLaadhakaadhal noyaaLanpol 

It is often noted that every human being has utmost faith on a Doctor. At times, it even surpasses the faith shown by a wife towards her husband or vice versa. In the Kaliyuga, most of the people are victims of one or other diseases and complain of sufferings being patients at all times. A special affection exists towards a doctor and whenever is suffering form a disease, rushes to a doctor who puts them into observation by conducting several medical tests. He prescribes medicines based on his experience, knowledge he has acquired, references made and treats the patients. In doing so, he lays conditions such as not to climb staircase, to avoid intake of sugar, salt and so on in accordance with the treatment and advises to continue medicines until recovery or at times for the whole lifespan. In extreme cases suggests surgery operation involving huge amount of money and puts restrictions on food pattern, prescribes medicines etc. The people having utmost faith on the doctor, obliges to his instructions and act as per his advice. The doctor explains the intricacies after the operation is over and suggests medicines for cure of the wound due to stitches on the affected part of the body. The doctor also lays conditions on diet, way of living such as not to carry heavy weight etc which the patients stick to the core of perfection and strictly as per his advice. On complete recovery, and when relieved of the pains and sufferings of the disease, they praise the doctor and equate him to God as every one has the desire to live. 

They beat trumpets and drums in praising the doctor as saviour of his life, though he tore apart his affected part of the body to perform surgical operation, in spite of having restricted the diet etc. The patient undergoes into enormous difficulties in the treatment by way of physical pain, shelling out huge amount of money, restriction in food consumption etc., and even then has a special affection towards the doctor as he has cured him from the dreaded disease. Even after shifting to a distant place still remembers the doctor as saviour of his life and talks high of him to others, may be even the doctor would have passed away, but the affection does not fade away. Sri Kulasekhara Azhwaar puts it VaaLaal aRuththuchudinum maruththuvanpaal maaLaadhakaadhal noyaaLanpol,

and prays to the presiding deity of ViRRuvakkottamma, that as the patient has an affection and love towards the doctor despite being put into all difficulties by him by way of tearing apart his body, in the same manner it is you who have to pull out me from the web of illusions and in doing so even if I am put into hardships I do not have any other refuge and shall surrender unto your lotus feet alone. Though the doctor goes on prescribing one after another medicines and conducts several medical tests , yet the patient has faith on the doctor and obliges so, in the same manner pleads that, I have no other shelter and only YOU have to protect me. What an amazing devotion, example Sri Kulasekhara Aazhwaar has quoted. Sri Kulasekhara Aazhwaar has illustrated a common incident occurring in the world and has compared the same in having utmost confidence, unconditional faith on the Ultimate God. Sri Kulasekhara Aazhwaar had a healthy, sound physique and was not a patient, even then at the peak of bhakti and devotion has rendered this paasuram. If one attains the similar peak of bhakti can be victorious in the path of leading a human life. Radhekrishna! Radhekrishna! Radhekrishna! 

Poojyashree Shree Ammavin thiruvadigale saranam saranam saranam

Poojyashree Shree Ammavin Thiruvadigale Saranam Saranam Saranam.


5. Spring Of Spiritual Showers - Experiences Of Bhaktas, Disciples Of Poojyashree Shree Amma, Our Gurujiamma

An experience of a disciple in his own words

Jai Shree Poojyashree Shree Amma

divine eyes that guard us continuously

Radhekrishna... Radhekrishna... Radhekrishna... Radhekrishna.

Jay Shree Radhekrishna
Jay Shree Poojya Shree Shree Amma
Jay Mahaan Brahmashri Gopalavallidasar

Namaskarams to GurujiAmma and Guruji.  I am privileged to write about the greatness of Namajabams and Guruji Ammas  Mahimai.

I am Venkat, husband of Padma, from USA.  My wife went for a routine checkup with her doctor, and the doctor asked her to take mammogram tests as a customary and a precautionary test for people over the age of 40. Two days later, the doctor, somewhat not convinced with the results, wanted to take a more detailed mammogram test. Soon after, we went to take the more detailed mammogram test at the hospital. Once the results of the mammogram arrived in a few days, the doctor showed us the two areas on the mammograms that she was particularly worried about: on the left, was a cyst of about 1.5cm and on the right, was a cluster of calcification. The doctor hesitantly said to us that those might be malignant and that we have to do a biopsy.  Padma was petrified from those words by the doctor, but I reminded her to call GurujiAmma and seek her blessings. Soon, she called GurujiAmma, and these were the words of GurujiAmma:

 "Padma, doctors are only humans and their knowledge is limited to the theories in their books but God is great! Firmly believe in God and have full faith in him. Dont  fear! Dont Fear! I am telling you: There is nothing wrong with you! You go ahead with the tests doctors want to do. Everything will be normal. Dont worry or fear! Do lot of NAMAJABAM!"

 Later in the week, Padmas doctor called us and asked Padma to see a specialist doctor for the biopsy. We scheduled our appointment and went to see the specialist doctor. As the specialist doctor was explaining in a desolate tone what her opinion was and what tests needed to be performed, we were chanting RadheKrishna as GurujiAmma suggested to us earlier. After talking to GurujiAmma, we were confident that only Gods divine power and GurujiAmmas blessing matter in any situation. Still in the doctors room, she told us that Padma had to go through two biopsies: one on the left side and one on the right side. Within a few minutes, Padma was in the operation room. At first, the doctors started to tackle the cyst on the left sideandWHAT A  MIRACLE! They couldnt locate the cyst even with the most elaborate instructions provided by the mammogram results of the cysts exact location! Fearing that she was doing something wrong, the surgeon called a more experienced surgeon and a radiologist to look at the situation. With all their knowledge, the surgeons meticulously looked for themissing cyst that once was 1.5cm long three days ago! During all this chaos, Padma and I were chanting RadheKrishna with our eyes closed. Soon after, the doctors finally gave up and called it a Medical Wonder that a cyst, that was once 1.5cm long, completely dissolved in three days. But we knew that it was no Medical Wonder, but it was rather because of the divine sanction of chanting RadheKrishna. And Guruji Ammas blessings.

The doctors, being restricted by their knowledge of science along, couldnt believe this miracle, but Padma and I realized the greatness of Guruji Ammas Mahimai and the power of Namajabams. Now, the doctors wanted to test the calcification on the right side. They extracted some sample tissue from Padma and tested it. Well, there were no signs of calcification! Again the doctor called two more specialists to take a look at it. They made another incision in the body to extract more tissue from Padmas body. With two incisions in the body, Padma was in dire pain (despite the anesthetic injection). But despite this pain, GurujiAmmas blessings were fruitful: there were no signs of calcification from the second same either. Again, the doctors were astonished and awe-struck by the progress made by Padma without any medication or treatment in just three days. But the doctors were still hesitant to clear Padmaso, they took more samples sent it to a more detailed testing center. Now, the doctors let us leave and told us that test results will arrive in two days. As soon as we reached our house, we called GurujiAmma and told the story that had occurred today. GurujiAmma chanted RadheKrishna and gave blessings to Padma. Two days later, the results of the biopsy arrived. The results showed thatthere wasnothing wrong with Padma! The cyst and calcification somehow miraculously vanished.

Poojyashri Shri Amma

The doctors might call it a Medical Wonder or a Miracle that the cyst and the calcification vanished without any medication or surgery, but such is the greatness of Namajabams performed with GurujiAmmas blessings. Even though we chanted Namajabams with a selfish motive, God still responded! God treats us as his own children, and he doesnt look at the motives of the call (Namajabams). This entire situation is an example of what chanting Namajabams with GurujiAmmas blessings can do! The doctors will call it a Medical Wonder and write about this incident in the prestigious American Oncology Journal, but we all know why this miracle happened. Imagine this for a moment: the doctors looked at the numerous mammograms and performed numerous tests to find out whats wrong with Padma, and they still cant manufacture a reason for all this. But, GurujiAmma, who didnt even see Padma and only could hear Padmas voice from thousands of miles apart, said during the first time Padma called that everything was fine! Such is the power of GurujiAmma and Namajabams! To add to this astonishmentAs soon as I received the results of the biopsy, I sent a SMS to Guruji at about 5:30 am in India. Later, we called GurujiAmma at 7.30 am. GurujiAmma knew the result of the biopsy even before I told her. GurujiAmma had telepathically blessed Padma, and the cyst and the calcification had vanished.

No scientific theory can explain what Guruji's blessings &  Namajabams can do.RadheKrishna!  RadheKrishna! RadheKrishna!

Poojyashree Shree Ammavin thiruvadigale saranam saranam saranam /

Gurujis shishyan / shishyai
Venkat, Padma & Karthik

Listen to this divine experience in devotees own voice! (in Tamil)



6. Samarpanam

parithraanaaya sadhoonaam vinasaya cha dhushkrutham

dharma sansthapanarthaya sambhavami yuge yuge

Bhagawan takes avatar in each and every yuga mainly to safeguard the bhaktas and then to destroy the rakshasaas who trouble his bhaktas. So Bhagawan comes to this bhoomi from paramapadham just for the sake of his bhaktas. Hence we come to know that bhaktas are very important to the Lord. Whenever Bhagawan comes to rescue his bhaktas, the other fellow people also reap the benefits.........

Our guruji amma gives high respect to all the bhaktas. Hence our Vedhanaadham's every issue will be dedicated to one bhakta. This issue we are dedicating to one of the greatest devotee of Lord Rama - Shri Hanuman

Pavanaputra Hanuman


Lord Hanuman


 The incarnation of Lord Rudhra.

The fortunate son of Smt.Anjanaa Devi anad Sri.Kesari.

The great minister of King Sugreeva.

The incomparable devotee who went to Srilanka in search of Smt.Sitha.

The fabulous disciple who faced many hurdles for the sake of Lord Sri.Rama. 

The great Brahmachaari who never had a thought of marriage.

The perfect devotee who always chants Jay Shree Ram.




7. Sacred Living Sanctity - New Pictures Of Poojyashree Shree Amma, Our Gurujiamma

The ultimate liberator bestowed by Lord Sri Krishna!

Yezhu kundla vaada Venkat Ramana Govinda Govinda




8. Sathsangam News - Information About The Sathsang Activities Like Forthcoming Pravachans And Programmes

divine eyes that guard us continuously


Sathsangam Programmes held at various places last month


RadheKrishna!!! Mahan Brahma Shri GopalavalliDasar arrived in Mumbai on 1st of September 2005. Sathsangam on Thirukoloor Penn Pillai Rahasyam were held at the residence of various devotees from 2nd of September 2005 to 14th of September 2005. Thirukoloor Penn Pillai Rahasyam reveals the feeling of a craving soul who was ready to leave the sacred land that was the birthplace of Shri Madhurakavi Aazhwar. When the great Sathguru Swami Ramanujar asked her the reason for leaving the divine place she compared herself with various great Bhakthas and expressed her incapability to stay in that place.


The lady, inspite of being a great Bhakthai consider herself to be nothing in front of other Bhakthas.  Mahan Brahma Shri Gopalavalli Dasar expressed the modesty of that lady in such a way that it aroused a staunch feeling within devotees to raise themselves in Bhakti.


Pravachans on Shri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was held at a residence of a devoteefrom September 15th 2005 to September 30th, 2005.  All the Mumbai devotees were extremely excited and delighted as they got an opportunity to listen to the life history of such a great Mahatma who resided on this divine sacred Bharatha Bhoomi just a few years ago.  Mahan Brahma Shri Gopallavalli Dasar described the life history of Shir Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu in such a beautiful and extraordinary way that each and every devotees were drowned in extreme happiness and they even forgot that this is the Kaliyuga.


If you feel that you have missed this sathsangam then we have it for you!!!! Click and Listen to the divine sathsangam and enjoy the prema of Sri Krishna Chaithanya Mahaprabhu



Poojyashree Shree Ammavin thiruvadigale saranam saranam saranam




            Forthcoming Pravachanams by Poojyashree Shree Ammas Sishyar - Mahan Brahmashree Gopalavallidasan

 Mahan Brahmashree Gopalavallidasan

DATE    :  October 1st 2005 & October 2nd 2005           

TOPIC   :  Shri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu

VENUE  :  Mr.Vishwanathan

                 Sangam Building, Oppo.Patkar School,

                 Rajaji Path, Dombivili (East)


DATE    :  October 3rd  2005 to October 12th 2005       

TOPIC   :  Thirukoloor Penn Pillai Rahasya

VENUE  :  At Residence of various devotees


DATE    :  October 13th   2005 to October 26th 2005     

TOPIC   :  Sant Tukaram

VENUE  :  Shri Ponnu Guruvayurappa Temple

            Rajaji Path, Dombivili (East)

Weekly bhajans are held in Chennai, Podanur, Mumbai, USA and East Africa with Guruji Ammas abundant blessings.


Weekly bhajans and Nagara sankeerthanam are also being held regularly.


RadheKrishna Krishnaradhe RadheKrishna Krishnaradhe RadheKrishna Krishnaradhe RadheKrishna Krishnaradhe