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Poojyashree Shree Amma's
Vedhanaadham - The Sound For The Soul - November 2006
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1. The Divine Message - Message From Poojyashree Shree Amma - The Ultimate Liberator Bestowed By Lord Shri Krishna!


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Lord is not alone full of mercy but also excels in saulabyam. Saulabyam implies that if you call the Lord to come to you He would come rushing. If you request Him to sit on your lap, He would oblige that as well. Gopikas were not able to recognize their left hand from their right hand but they would certainly recognize Krishna. Gopikas recognized Krishna by the very fact that if they offer He will accept and if they call Him, He will certainly come to their side. Even the most pious saints lose out in front of Gopikas when it comes to bhakti. 

By doing tapas in the forest or by observing stringent fasts one can't reach out to the Lord. Observences of fasts mostly lead to pride. Fasting for Ekadeshi is being brought up time and again everyday. This is nothing but a pompous show of things and is uselss. Lord alone needs to know that a person is observing a fast and controlling the mind is alone sufficient.

There are a multitude of flowers that blossom in this world but Tulsi (holy basil) only is solely dedicated to the service of the Lord alone. The other flowers are being adorned by people in their heads, adorned on corpses etc. But tulsi alone, unlike other flowers, is pressed into the service of the Lord. Hence bhakti should be like that of tulsi.

 This does not imply that we must plant a tulsi in front of our house and start worshipping it. There is nothing wrong in doing that but the only reason for watering the tulsi plant is that we at least imbibe some of the qualities of tulsi and begin to do bhakti. People don't show the right level of bhakti even when rearing a tulsi plant. A child might be crying of hunger but the mother will not respond because she is attached to the ritual of watering the tulsi plant before carrying out other tasks including feeding the child.

Bhagawan is the one who creates the hunger in the child and He is the one who provides food for the child through the mother. The conclusions are that these rituals should not take a front seat and that rituals are not incorrect per se but the way of doing them is definitely not right. Bhakthi should alone take precedence but if we observe today only rituals have taken precedence. Even if we observe those rituals they are not being followed properly. Are we using water from the kumbh (sacred pot) to bathe or to use the sacred water to bathe the Lord? This is definitely stale water and today science says if we consume water that is kept for a prolonged period causes harm to the body. Ancient people had this wisdom and had classified non potable water as stale. 

We don't care much about this wisdom and pour money into the doctors hands by ignoring their advice. The intelligence and wisdom that our ancient ancestors had is so great that nothing in the present or in the future can even come closer to their level of their intellect. So how should bhakthi be done? It should be done in a way that alone reaches the Lord.


Poojyashree Shree Amma
November 2006

 It is fortunate to listen and be blessed to Guruji Amma
's Sathsangam through phone irrespective of one's domicile in any nook and corner of this universe and many more souls should yearn to enjoy this bliss! Since people are easily tempted to the uncivilized activities and are trapped in the web of movies, television programmes and some unpleasant magazines, more and more Sathsangams should be encouraged and attended to keep oneself engaged in the union of the Almighty, which is the only eternal truth. Just as hills are made of hard stones alone and its originality cannot be replaced, likewise Bhagawaan is the eternal truth and at a stage each one realizes this truth. Its no compulsion and even those who have disassociated will realize this truth. Such is the greatness of Bhakthi and Naamasankeerthana. Since, Naamasankeerthana is the Kali Yuga Dharma, there is no match to it. Radhekrishna!



2. Mahatmas - New Bhaktacharitras Each Month

India is the holy land with so many bhaktas (devotees). When we go through the Indian history, there must be a bhakta in every period. That is the greatness of this sacred land. Bhaktas are the role model for all the bonded souls. They enjoy their life in a perfect way. Bhaktas surrender themselves to the Lotus feet of Lord. By hearing or reading bhaktas' divine story, the bonded soul is enlightened to come out of the worldwide bondages.

Radhekrishna! Sincere chanting and listening to the great stories of devotees will surely give a peace of mind to everybody, even in this 21st century. So many people think that listening to the devotee's stories is a waste of time and there is no benefit at all. If somebody wants to realize the power of bagawan, first of all they must listen bhaktha charithram [stories of devotees]. There are so many advantages in listening to baktha charithram.

Bharath is a very special land and contained within it are sacred places and rivers. Devotees born in this sacred bharath ensure that they propagate bhakti in all corners of the country. This is the precise reason why the fragrance of bhakti can be felt all around our country.Thirumangai Azhwar was visiting all the sacred places around this country. Whilst on pilgrimage around the country he visited the sacred town of Srirangam. 

"vimaanam praNavaakaaram vEdhaSrungam mahaadhbhutham
SrirangaSaayee bhagavaan praNavaarththa prakaasaka:"

Human birth should be dedicated to meditate on the Lord. Anyone will be able to engage in such meditation. When the heart and the minds are engaged in other activites alone humans are unable to do bhakti. We should surrender ourselves to the Lord. Like an iron filing that gives up its energy and gets pulled towards the magnet, the jeevathama should seek the paramatha. When the jeevathama gets attracted that way alone it gets peace happiness and beauty. Atma has been around for ages and people think that their body is alone athma. But the truth is atma is the same but the body alone is being replaced. From birth to death we wear many kinds of clothes according to our age group and according to the size of the body but the clothes that adorn the body is the same.

Likewise, the athma takes a body according to the karma at different points in time. The karma is considered very powerful and is impossible to defeat it even for the likes of Brahma. To overcome this powerful karma, we need to have complete blessings of the Lord. To gain the mercy of the Lord, bhakthi is the only means especially in this Kali Yuga. When there is bhakthi alone, humans tread the correct path. When the mind is attached to material things it drives the humans in the incorrect path resulting in troubles. Tirumangai Azhwar prior to his realization was preoccupied with beautiful women, but due to the mercy of the Lord the Azhwar took the path of bakthi. As a result the Azhwar came to Srirangam and had the darshan of Lord Renganatha who was in all his beauty. 

The moment he saw the Lord, he was overwhelmed with happiness. All the Azhwars have sung in praise of the Lord and that is the speciality of Lord Renganatha. He was caught in the ocean of beauty of the Lord. Those who are not caught in the beauty are those unfortunate people and those are caught by His beauty are the fortunate ones in this planet. Tirumangai Azhwar started his life as a thief to become a king later . He became a thief once again and finally became a bhaktha standing in front of the Lord. It is only a surprise if one is not attracted the beauty of Lord Ranganatha. King of Kings Kulesekara Azhwar also had a special attraction towards the Lord. Kulesekara Azhwar praises the Lord in a special way in his divya prabandham. In one of his pasurams, He describes thus

mey yil vaazhkaiyai mey enak koLLum iv
vaiyam thannodum kooduvathu illai yaan;
aiyanE! arangaa ! enRu azhaikkindREn; 
maiyal kondozhinthEn enthan maalukkE.

 [perumaaL thirumozhi - 668/1000/4000]

I will not mingle with people who think of the uncertain world to be certain. The only certain relationship that I would like to have is with the Lord. The Azhwar also asserts that he has the same amount of love towards the Lord as that of the Lord towards him. People in the planet think that the ultimate goal is to entertain the body and the senses. But the real purpose of life is to entertain and make the athma and realise its needs. For people who are overly attached to their bodies, they can never realise that they are not the bodies but athma. With the grace of Guru and that of the Lord alone one can realise that they are not the body but the soul. If one can realise that they are souls then the natural attraction towards humans will automatically disappear. This birth is to realise the athma and allow the athma to enjoy the paramathma. 

Kulsekara Azhwar despite being a famous king realised that he is a soul and that infinite happiness lies only in surrending to paramathma. Hence he describes that he wants to associate himself only with self realized souls and not with ordinary human beings. He loves the Lord because the Lord unconditionally loves us. We develop love towards father, mother, fellow human beings, kids, a rose plant, pet dog and such attachments results from past karma. But the attachment to the Lord is not due to any karma and is permanent in nature. 

Aandal describes thus "We cannot break our links and relationships with the Lord for ever". Thus Kulasekara Azhwar describes the essence of bhakti as the unconditional love of the Lord towards us and the love of him towards the Lord. Kulasekara Azhwar becomes engrossed in the beauty of the Lord Renganatha. The Lord in his sleeping pose is full of compassion and indicates to us that to comfort our souls alone He (the Lord) has assumed this comfortable sleeping pose. Kulasekara Azhwar loses himself at the sight of the Lord and sings thus "Ordinary humans seem to think that bhakthas are people who have lost their mind. Bhakthas when they see the people who are attached to wordly things appear to have lost their mind. The net result is that everybody is classified as having madness. There is no point in arguing which group has lost its composure.Whatever be the argument, I shall be madly in love with Lord".

We should cultivate such love towards the Lord as the Gopikas had developed their love towards Krishna. We have plenty of madness in us in the form of Kama (lust), money, fear but it would be great if we can develop a serious attachment towards Lord Renganatha. Tirumangai Azhwar when he enjoys the beauty of the Lord also falls in love with the description of the Lord as given by other Azhwars. He has sung in praise of him but his happiness was limitless when he actually realises and enjoys the Lord. Let us also try to cultivate this love towards the Lord and enjoy unlimited happiness





3. Krishnam Vande Jagadhgurum - Extracts From The Holy Bhagawath Geetha

Radhekrishna.Hinduism is an ancient religion. All the things that have been spoken in Hindu religion can be applied in practical life. Although in 21st century till everyone can apply this in his or her daily life. The aim of Hindu religion is to provide total happiness to everyone at all times (or any point of time). The essence of Hinduism is told in "Bhagawad Gita". In order to realize what is said in Bhagawad Gita it is a compulsory (must) to have an unconditional faith on Bhagawad Gita. So many people have benefited in their lives because of the (by reading) shlokas of Bhagawad Gita. In Bhagawad Gita, Bhagawan Shri Krishna has told the way to lead a happy life in such an easy way that even a normal layman can easily understand. The slokas are so simple that anyone can understand and use it practically.

Gurujiamma & Guruji - Krishnam Vande Jagathgurum


Klesho athikatharas-thaesha-mavyakthasaktha-chethasaam
Avyakthaa he gather-dhukkam dhehaadhb-ravaapyathae.

It is not easy for those who are doing Bhakthi without the form of Bhagwan. Those who are keen on their individual body, it is difficult for them to do bhakthi without any form. When we imagine about Lord Guruvayurappan with four hands, a red colour loin cloth on His waist and beautiful adornment of sandal in His whole body, we can experience pleasure in our mind. Lord Panduranga is standing amazingly by keeping His two hands on His waist and gives darshan to all Bhakthas and makes them lay a hand on His own feet. Lord Panduranga has a very special mercy and grace to all. The darshan of Panduranga and also the pooja and the mangala aarathi given to Panduranga makes everyone’s mind blissful. Lord Ranganathan is wonderfully lying with His beautiful lotus hands and lotus feet and also with His attractive red lips on the body of Lord Aadiseshan with His blissful look at all of us. Due to such beautiful form everyone admires Lord Ranganathan. It is amazing to have a darshan of Lord Krishna in Udipi through a tiny slot in the window with a curd churning rod in one hand and a rope in the other hand. The attractive features and the fantastic form of Udipi Krishnan fascinate one and all. The Sreenivasa Perumal who is astoundingly standing in the greatest height on the 
seven hills beyond all the doors also remains in every one’s mind cheerfully. It is impossible to attain pleasure without any form because we cannot enjoy the aradhana (offerings to god), abhishekam (holy bath), and alankaram (adornment) and the darshan of Lord Balaji without His wonderful thirumeni (his divine body). 


Lord Panduranga, Pandharpur Udipi Krishna Lord Balaji, Tirupati

We enjoy our life by admiring the beauty of the full moon, third phase of the moon at night. We love seeing beautiful flowers in our home. We dress children in special manner and are very pleased on seeing them fully adorned!. The wife loves and feels very happy when she dresses according to her husband’s preference. In the same way the husband feels very happy of his wife’s dressings. One derives happiness by building different types of houses and decorate them as per their tastes and likings.So in all things we find facial appearance, colours and the gratification. We are amazed by seeing nature’s gift like fruits, oceans, trees, earth, stars and clouds in the sky, as they have forms. Since we have eyes to notice, we are able to get pleasure from them. Even fire has its own form. So the person who assumes the Parabrahmam (Bagawan) with no form is extremely complicated to meditate upon and do bhakthi.

So many people have bhakthi on Panduranga. If someone shouts Panduranga in any place immediately they may visualize Panduranga in their inner mind. Just think we don’t get the darshan of Panduranga, but if somebody would have informed about the features of Panduranga that Panduranga stands by keeping His hands with His hips, His stunning lengthy nose, His magnificent wide chest, His beautiful and powerful lips, at once we can envisage the features of Panduranga straightforwardly. Therefore we get involved by Lord effortlessly and we desire to get pleasure from Him. Only the prettiness(outward beauty) is a magnet for the adolescents. Cooked food which is served on the 
banana leaf is appealing to all only because of its fragrant aroma and the form of it.

It is very difficult to do meditation without the form of Lord for those who glances their own prettiness in front of the mirror. Those who are fond of their own body and those are able to see the entire things in their own outward appearance are unable to do bhakthi in the non form of God. Does a person experience a rose without its natural form? No one can believe the mango fruit if the mango will not be in its own shape or in it’s original colour. In the life of human being also without any form or features no one will ready to accept their own relation even they may be a wife or a husband. If a person thinks or remembers their family member even after death is only because of their form and their facial appearance. Otherwise neither they imagine nor believe. 

Those who have no desire in their own body can only able to believe and accept the real control of the world. From the childhood we have the habit of considering the forms and features and so it very tough to admit and believe the non formal nature of Lord. On hearing the beautiful form of Lord Guruvayurappan and Lord Pandurangan even the visually impaired or sightless people are able to visualize their natural form in their internal mind. Though air does not have its original form but still we can feel through our skin in different forms like cool, hot, warm and gentle. The non formal Lord is there. But we cannot determine the non formal Lord in any its own kind or words. So it is not easy for everyone to do bhakthi on non formal Lord. 

While sleeping we do not know anything, like where we are? Where we are sleeping? Who are we? Our mind is very cool and silent and even we do not know while sleeping we are with Lord that is non formal Lord. This is the top secret of non formal bhakthi. This is what Lord Krishna who Himself in the form of God very softly told with His beautiful red mouth to Arjuna. The people who have the habit of seeing and living for number of years will not do bhakthi without any form of God. When compare to non formal and formal God, the formal God openly gives pleasure to everyone. He talks, sings and gives delight to all. But the non formal gives the pleasure secretly. Most of the people enjoy and wish to 
perform kalyana (marriage) utsav to Lord Balaji. This kind of pleasure will not be getting in non formal God.

In the morning we offer milk to Lord. This kind of pleasure will not get in the non formal God. In Pandarpur and Dwaraka during winter months they put on warm winter clothes on the idol of Lord Krishna and they tie turban on His head. They really think Krishna as their own and they enjoy everything that way. If we are celebrating Brahmotsavam means definitely there should be some form. The people in Thiruvarangam (Srirangam) very much enjoy doing araiyarai sevai (recital of the Azhwar's paasurams - divya prabhandam) to Perumal Ranga.

Lord Renganatha. Srirangam

 The dasamaskanda in bhagvatha was very special because Lord Krishna Himself was in His own form and He used to go to the gopi’s house to steal butter. Krishna’s mother Yasodha had a darshan of whole world from Lord Krishna’s mouth because Lord Krishna was there in His normal form. Lord Krishna did rasakreeda (divine dance) with each and every gopi as He was there in His natural form. Lord Ranganathan was in His own form and so Aandal got married to Him. Meera felt oneness with Dwarakanath because Giridhara Gopal was in His own form.

Some people quoted that Lord in reality had no specific form yet to convince the fools we give Him a specific form accompanied by certain features. On hearing this Chaithanya Mahaprabhu bursted out crying. When asked as to why is he crying so bitterly, he replied that in my previous births I must have committed some grave sin that I am so unfortunate to hear such things that God is just imaginary and Lord Krishna has no form. One should clearly understand that God is not imaginary, but is supreme and has a definite form. A form like a human being but free from any defects. So called as “Kurai onrum illaatha Govindan’ ( free from any defects or shortcomings). An ordinary man who prays before an idol with devotion will surely attain success. In Vaishnava sambradhaayam God is called “Sarva mangala 
Moorthy” who just has one form. To attain a successful life one should get involved with one God. Bhaktha Phoondhanam didn’t think of anyone other than Lord Guruvaurappan. Bhaktha Namadheva would never worship any other God’s feet except Panduranga. Bhaktha Thondaradipodi Aazhwar wouln’t even agree to sing other God except Aranganathan. He even said 'Aranganai paadiya vayal kuranganai padamaatten' (i will not sing praises for any monkey with the same mouth which has sung praises and glory of Lord Ranga). Lord Krishna Himself says that Saguna Brahma Upasana is great


Poojyashree Shree Ammavin thiruvadigale saranam saranam saranam

Poojyashree Shree Ammavin Thiruvadigale Saranam Saranam Saranam.


4. The Divine Songs - Dhivyaprabhandham

Naalaayira Dhivyaprabandham

"ONe pavaLam vElaiyulavu thaN paarkadalul,
kaN thuyilum maayOn kazhaliNaigal kaaNpathaRku;
paN pagarum vaNdinangaL paN paadum vEnkadaththuch
seNbagamaay niRkum thiruvudaiyEn aavEnE ||

[PerumaaL thirumozhi - 680/1000/4000]


Oh Lord, who have brought bright corals to the shore, after wandering at the cold chill milky ocean with mischievous pranks eyes closed, Thy, the swarm of bees are fortunate to fall at Your holy feet with their sweet humming. I should be fortunate to take the form of a champak tree.


Kulashekara Azhwaar

Kulasekhar azhwar’s mind was completely with Bhagwan Krishna. He has the rare dhyanam to somehow attain and experience Bhagwan Krishna. But since he was a king and had so many duties towards his kingdom and restrictions due to that, he was unable to experience Bhagwan balaji as he would have really liked to. But the feeling in his heart to experience Bhagwan balaji was never ending. That is the truth. It is a common phenomenon for every human being in this world to complain about their problems. But no one is complaining that they are not able to see and experience Bhagwan and that is the most sorrowful thing. The mind must yearn to see Bhagwan. There must be a really big heart and extraordinary bravery to surrender our lives to Bhagwan. The mind of kulasekhar azhwar was amazingly deeply engrossed in trying to attain and experience Bhagwan. In the previous pasuram kulasekhar azhwar says that it would be a really special life if we get a janma just to serve Bhagwan Krishna. Even if he gets a human life, again getting a life of a king is also highly possible. So instead of being a human it would be really special if he would get a birth of a tree on the mountains of Thirupati. Bhagwan is sleeping amazingly in thiruparkadal.

Seven Hills of Tirupati

 In that thiruparkadal rubies are falling from everywhere. In other words the waves are bringing in rubies alongwith them and dropping them on the shore wave after wave. In such a thiruparkadal Bhagwan in all his beauty which is hypnotizing and mesmerizing everyone is lying in full splendor and to see the beautiful divine feet of Bhagwan is the wish in the mind. He says to see those feet he wants to be a shenbagam on the mountain of Thirupati. If we note we can see that on the hills of Thirupati even the bees sing beautifully.

Normally if people want to learn singing they need someone to teach them and then they must understand it properly and then continuously practice it so that they master it in the end. But these bees don’t have that need and sing as if its in their nature and that also they sing in a way wherein just like the azhwars sing alongwith them. Kulasekhar azhwar says that these bees could also be bhakthas because even if they are not bhakthas these bees stay in Thirupati and therefore by nature itself they must be having the singing quality. Scholars and bhakthas say that if we live on Thirumalai Thirupati then even if the person is a sinner or a fool, he would be blessed with knowledge. 

Normally humans go on making sins and slowly they start deriving pleasure in that and thus lose time in gaining knowledge. At the same time animals are lesser in brains than humans but they do sins only by nature and because of their birth in a particular animal birth. Therefore these bees since they stay in Thirupati they have gained the knowledge of singing. And therefore these bees are singing with a divinity. After hearing the bees singing and alongwith it the chanting of 'Govinda Govinda' by the bhakthas at the same time in chorus he feels it would be blessed to be a shenbagam tree and hear this. If it is a shenbagam tree then bees will definetly come and also devotees who would also visit the tree to take rest after their long walking on route to Thirupati. At that time when the devotees search for a tree to take rest, they would always come to take rest at the beautiful and perfumed shenbagam tree. While taking rest and getting up and sitting down, by nature the devotees would say govinda and thus take Bhagwan’s name. at that time when the bees sing in their tone and devotees chant the holy name at the same time it would be the greatest thing on earth to be shenbagam tree and experience this divinity. 

In that also many a times in Thirupati Thaayar (mother) and Perumal spend time alone. At that time delighted and fascinated by the fragrance of this shenbagam tree if Thaayar and Perumal come and stand underneath the tree then that itself is enough. To give shade and happiness to one who is giving shade to everyone is the greatest thing to ever do in life. Bhagwans krupai, devotees krupai and the krupai of the bees, everything would be attained. 

At the same time devotees take the shenbagam flowers and give it to Bhagwan. Someone goes and tells Bhagwan that I am not able to offer you anything. You have said in Bhagwad gita that you can offer even a flower. When I was coming to you climbing the mountains I came across this shenbagam flowers and I am offering it to you. At that time the devotee offering those flowers also attains a good fate and the tree also attains a good fate.Bhagwan has a special kindness and liking for this shenbagam flower. Periya azhwar in his pasurams says shenbagam poochoota varai. Also in many divya desams there is habit of adorning Bhagwan with golden shenbagam flowers.

Amma adorned with Shenbaga pushpam

Let us pray to Amma that we should attain such divine bhakti like Kulasekhara Azhwar and we'll enjoy the remaining explanation of this paasuram next month until then Radhekrishna!!


Poojyashree Shree Ammavin thiruvadigale saranam saranam saranam

Poojyashree Shree Ammavin Thiruvadigale Saranam Saranam Saranam.





5. Spring Of Spiritual Showers - Experiences Of Bhaktas, Disciples Of Poojyashree Shree Amma, Our Gurujiamma

An experience of a disciple in his own words

divine eyes that guard us continuously


Radhekrishna!! Though I thought wrote so many experiences and so many things about our Guruji Amma, still always something more is there for me to write and share with all of you. Coming to think of it, each and everyday each and every moment miracles are happening in our lives and we, as a family are becoming more and more strong with each and every moment because of our GurujiAmma’s kindness. 

As we have mentioned in our previous experiences shared with you, even day today activities of life like getting an auto rikshaw, kasi amma (lady who comes to help me in household chores) coming in exact time according to my suddenly fixed programs without prior instruction or indication, watchman coming to fix my daughter's bicycle bell, pookaramma (lady who delivers flowers) coming with extra bunch of flowers for suddenly fixed sathsang at home etc etc. If I have to write every thing, I have to write my diary of 24 hours happenings of my life. i cannot do so because I am not planning or thinking or remembering things or noting down things to do. Everything is done by Guruji Amma's grace at the proper time perfectly.
Poojyashri Shri Amma

You might be surprised why I am telling 24 hours, including my sleeping time. Yes. Some where in Africa, my husband will be enjoying nice food after I pleaded him to make something for him which will keep his mind and soul together. What else can I do being here in Chennai (India). The time difference is two and half an hours. He will be having his dinner around 10pm and in India it was around 12.30am. I was fast asleep. Suddenly Guruji Amma wakes me up and makes me to call him. I didn’t think or plan to do so. When I called him, my husband was surprised. He told me he was just thinking of me and very badly wanted to convey the news that he cooked nice south Indian dinner, and was having it with Guruji Amma’s blessings, which would make me happy. But he couldn’t do so, because I will be sleeping and he didn’t want to disturb me. Yes. I am sleeping. The whole world might be sleeping. But Our Guruji Amma is not sleeping. She is always awake saving and fulfilling the desires of her devotees. Radhekrishna!! Lots more to continue…..

My pranams to Gurujiamma and Guruji
Poojyashree Shree Ammavin thiruvadigale saranam saranam saranam

Poojyashree Shree Ammavin Thiruvadigale Saranam Saranam Saranam.

Humble sishyai  

Latha Shivakumar Medur

Click  here to read this devotee's earlier experience.




6. Samarpanam

parithraanaaya sadhoonaam vinasaya cha dhushkrutham

dharma sansthapanarthaya sambhavami yuge yuge

Bhagawan takes avatar in each and every yuga mainly to safeguard the bhaktas and then to destroy the rakshasaas who trouble his bhaktas. So Bhagawan comes to this bhoomi from paramapadham just for the sake of his bhaktas. Hence we come to know that bhaktas are very important to the Lord. Whenever Bhagawan comes to rescue his bhaktas, the other fellow people also reap the benefits.........Our guruji amma gives high respect to all the bhaktas. Hence our Vedhanaadham's every issue will be dedicated to one bhakta. This issue we are dedicating to one of the greatest Hindu saints namely 'Sri Purandara Dasa'.

Purandara Dasa

Sri Purandara Dasa

Sri Purandara Dasa 

The great saint who was born  as 'Srinivaasa Nayaka', in 1484 in Pandarpur  after his parents Varadappa Nayaka and Lakshmi Bai prayed to Lord Srinivasa of Tirupathi to bless them with a child.

The sage who started his career as a miserly money lender(pawn broker)  earned much money and lived only to earn it, but eventually gave away all his wealth because of a divine incident and became a devotee of Sri Hari.

The fortunate pawnbroker whom Lord Vishnu in the disguise of a poor priest visited for some alms to perform the thread ceremony for his son inorder to transform him through his wife Saraswati Bai to renounce his riches and worldly life.

The humble disciple of Vyaasa Raaya, who conferred the title of 'Purandara ViTThala' on him.

The saint, who is considered an avatar of Naarada, identified 84 ragas and sang more than 475,000 songs in praise of Lord Krishna and always concluded his songs with a salute to Lord Purandara Vittala. His works are collectively known as Purandaropanishat. 

The saint singer is known as the father (Pitamaha) of Carnatic music as he systematized the early music lessons - sara varisai, janTai varisai, geetams, etc . He is also famous among the haridaasas and foremost among the talented carnatic composer.

The saint who preached via his hymns that God is easily approachable by all and is to be praised and constantly remembered as our benefactor.

The saint who passed on the essence of vedas and upanishads through easy to understand songs in Kannada language for the common man to understand and appreciate God.

Purandara gurum vande Dasa-sreshtham dayanidhim.

(Salutations to you, Purandaragur, Greatest of the saints and the kindliest)





7. Sacred Living Sanctity - New Pictures Of Poojyashree Shree Amma, Our Gurujiamma

The ultimate liberator bestowed by Lord Sri Krishna!

Mutthu mutthu siripinil Krishna Krishna!!




8. Sathsangam News - Information About The Sathsang Activities Like Forthcoming Pravachans And Programmes

divine eyes that guard us continuously


Sathsangam Programmes held at various places last month



Trivandram bhaktas were so moved hearing Guruji's satsangam on Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Charitram, that they wanted a statue of Sri Krishna Chaitanya at their Sangham in Trivandram. The unveiling of the statue was done by Poojyashree Shree Amma and the function took place very grandly on 15th October 2006! 


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Watch the video clipping of the same here...Radhekrishna! 



Radhekrishna. Diwali celebrations took place in a very grand manner in Chennai. All the devotees enjoyed Diwali by the grace of Gurujiamma and Guruji. With the abundant blessings of Amma and Guruji, there was also live online satsang on the internet so bhaktas from various nook and corner also from various countries could view and hear Amma's and guruji's bhajans and satsang on the very auspicious Diwali day itself! Radhekrishna a very special and  happy Deepavali indeed!
Guruji left for Mumbai on 21st October. Sathsangam took place in a very grand manner in Mumbai. All the sathsangam Kuchela Upagyanam, Panduranga Mahimai, Rukmini Kalyanam, Parvathi Kalyanam and Valli Kalyanam were amazing. The sathsangam on Parvathi Kalyanam and Valli Kalyanam was very different from the usual discourse of Guruji and also never before heard! All the devotees enjoyed so much that they were continuously laughing and enjoying. Guruji left for Chennai on 28th October. Radhekrishna!

Poojyashree Shree Ammavin thiruvadigale saranam saranam saranam




Forthcoming Pravachanams by Poojyashree Shree Ammas Sishyar - Mahan Brahmashree Gopalavallidasan

 Mahan Brahmashree Gopalavallidasan

Further sathsangam programmes:


Guruji is continuing with Sri Krishna Chaithanya Mahaprabhu in Sri Dhanushkodi Kodhanda Ramar Kovil, Chrompet in Chennai.After 25th November 2006, satsang on a new subject will be started at varied places. Radhekrishna!!


Weekly bhajans are held in Chennai, Podanur, Mumbai, USA and East Africa with Guruji Amma's abundant blessings.

 Weekly bhajans and Nagara sankeerthanam are also being held regularly.



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