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Poojyashree Shree Amma's
Vedhanaadham - The Sound For The Soul - August 2007
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1. The Divine Message - Message From Poojyashree Shree Amma - The Ultimate Liberator Bestowed By Lord Shri Krishna!


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We live in a society and have to adjust with our household maids, relatives and of course with our office colleagues as well. If we don't get along well with our co-workers then there is a possibility that this could get escalated. In case you happen to be the higher authority then there is every chance that your subordinates will not perform their assigned tasks. In olden times, our society was a filled with joy, happiness and good health. You could easily notice this in the eyes of the people walking on the streets. They would warmly call out the kids on the streets and this would give joy both to the grandparents (caller) and to the kids (who are being called). That golden era should return and that is what we are trying to achieve through our RadheKrishna Satsangam. This does not mean that affection showered should bind us. 

We should have love for the Lord but at the same time continue to discharge our duties. There is a fine line between affection and duty and there should be no place for any affection. In order to distinguish between what is affection and what is not, we should do chant continuously. Then the Lord Himself will guide us indicating to speak as relevant to the listener, to limit the laugh at the appropriate time. The Lord will guide us from inside and there is no way we are going to say anything inappropriate. Even if we decide to speak further, the Lord will curtail and this is because He recognizes the negative intent of the listener. We can't even utter a single extra word even if we try our level best. The power of the chanting of the Lord's name can only be realised by continuously chanting and going to the depth that our Azhwars had experienced. The Lord is not the one who is far away but instead He is residing in us. He is the force behind all our activities including walking, speaking, experiencing happiness etc. Instead of leaving everything to the Lord, people rely upon their mind and their IQ. Even today, Gita is being recited by the Lord and azhwar's compositions are being heard and so let us rely on Him rather on our limited intelligence




2. Mahatmas - New Bhaktacharitras Each Month

India is the holy land with so many bhaktas (devotees). When we go through the Indian history, there must be a bhakta in every period. That is the greatness of this sacred land. Bhaktas are the role model for all the bonded souls. They enjoy their life in a perfect way. Bhaktas surrender themselves to the Lotus feet of Lord. By hearing or reading bhaktas' divine story, the bonded soul is enlightened to come out of the worldwide bondages.

Radhekrishna! Sincere chanting and listening to the great stories of devotees will surely give a peace of mind to everybody, even in this 21st century. So many people think that listening to the devotee's stories is a waste of time and there is no benefit at all. If somebody wants to realize the power of bagawan, first of all they must listen bhaktha charithram [stories of devotees]. There are so many advantages in listening to baktha charithram.

Bharath is a very special land and contained within it are sacred places and rivers. Devotees born in this sacred Bharath ensure that they propagate bhakti in all corners of the country. This is the precise reason why the fragrance of bhakti can be felt all around our country. Thirumangai Azhwar was visiting all the sacred places around this country. Whilst on pilgrimage around the country he visited the sacred town of Srirangam. 

"vimaanam praNavaakaaram vEdhaSrungam mahaadhbhutham
SrirangaSaayee bhagavaan praNavaarththa prakaasaka:"


Fortunate are the souls who always live in full awareness of the Lord. Ordinary people , in many occasions are not able to comprehend the activities of devotees. Despite all that, the devotees never stop doing what they think is appropriate. In most cases what these devotees do will fall under the exception to the normal dharma. Ordinary people should always follow what is being said in our shastras. A doctor performs operations using a knife and if ordinary people take a cue and begin to tear open the stomach of people, it will not be tolerated. There all the karmas or work done by the devotees of the Lord are not suited for ordinary mortals. We can only follow a small subset of what they have done and it is best to avoid the rest.

Tirumangai azhwar is at the very depth of bhakthi and hence as a result is performing many amazing feats. He cared only for the comfort of Lord Ranganatha. He realised that his only duty was to make ordinary people enjoy the Lord. Hence he transcends all normal laws and is performing duties for the sake of the Lord. He stole the golden buddha statue and used the proceeds to build the temple walls. People were all praise for the azhwar but at the same time some were critical of his work. In this world many people would utter many things at different points in time. If we pay attention to all those then there won't be any peace of mind. We should just worry whether the Lord is pleased by our work and then forget the rest. It is impossible to satisfy everyone at all points in time. It is just sufficient if the Lord who resides in all of us gets satisfied. Instead if you decide to please the human population then it is never going to work out.

Tirumangai Azhwar

Tirumangai azhwar was only concerned about the satisfaction of the Lord and performs all his duties with utmost sincerity. He built the grand temple walls but was indebted to pay the construction workers. The workers start pressing the azhwar to pay their dues. The azwhar lost his patience and tells everyone to proceed with him to a place where he will repay their wages. He takes everybody in a boat and is proceeding in Cauvery river. As soon as the boat reached the middle of the river the azhwar hints at the boat driver to topple the boat. As preplanned the boat driver and the azhwar escape through a predetermined boat arranged for their safe return. The rest of the workers were swept away by the force of the river. The boatman and the azhwar return to Srirangam. Next day the relatives of the workers come to the azwhar to inquire about the state of their dear ones. The azhwar replies that they are in the process of winding up the huge wealth that I had led them to. As time passed by the relatives begin to figure out what could have happened. They pester the azhwar to tell the truth. This became a big issue in Srirangam and became the hot topic of discussion.

The azhwar goes to the Lord and says to Him that he is doing all this so that everybody could enjoy the Lord. The Lord replies that the azhwar has done everything for Him and in return that He would take care of all his worries. The Lord tells the azhwar to proceed to all relatives and request them to come tomorrow after having a bath in the river Cauvery. The Lord proceeds to say that the azhwar has done everything for Him and that the fruits of all his actions will be borne by Him. Let us not come to the conclusion whether this is right or not by just using our little intelligence. The Lord knows everything and it would like an LKG child commenting about MBA. Hence if the Lord has decided to do something then there should be some reasoning behind it. It would be foolish to argue whether Lord Rama was right in killing Vaali. Nobody has the rights to question what the Lord does. If the Lord decides to do something then be sure it is for our wellbeing. As instructed by the azhwar everybody takes a dip and returns to the temple tomorrow. The Lord begins to speak and we will see what He has to say in our next issue.

Lord Renganatha

To be continued.... RadheKrishna


3. Krishnam Vande Jagadhgurum - Extracts From The Holy Bhagawath Geetha

Radhekrishna.Hinduism is an ancient religion. All the things that have been spoken in Hindu religion can be applied in practical life. Although in 21st century till everyone can apply this in his or her daily life. The aim of Hindu religion is to provide total happiness to everyone at all times (or any point of time). The essence of Hinduism is told in "Bhagawad Gita". In order to realize what is said in Bhagawad Gita it is a compulsory (must) to have an unconditional faith on Bhagawad Gita. So many people have benefited in their lives because of the (by reading) shlokas of Bhagawad Gita. In Bhagawad Gita, Bhagawan Shri Krishna has told the way to lead a happy life in such an easy way that even a normal layman can easily understand. The slokas are so simple that anyone can understand and use it practically.

Gurujiamma & Guruji - Krishnam Vande Jagathgurum


All karmas or duties performed for the Lord are considered special. People are only ready to classify duties and undertake them.
But performing all karmas for the sake of the lord is a special feeling by itself. Hence we should do our duties for the sake of the lord and give up the fruits of our actions. If we begin to dissect our duties based on our likes and dislikes then it will not work out. That is because most of the times we would be compelled to perform the duty despite our likes or dislikes. We don't very much enjoy excretion, sleep at times, having a relationship with people, living in hot or cold weather but we have to put up with everything because humans at any cost have to lead their lives. Even if the sun shines or is raining cats and dogs, we still have to perform our prescribed duties. Whether we are 15 years, 25 years or 50 years old we will not be in a position to stop performing our karmas at any stage. Even if we are sick, we have to perform the task of going to a doctor and taking the medicines prescribed by him and this is also considered a karma which cant be avoided.

If we observe closely all mahatmas would entirely give up the fruits of their actions. Bheeshma had the difficult task of staying with the wicked Duryodan and fighting for him. It is a very difficult task to support a wicked person and fight for him as well. But Bheeshma undertook the fighting for the sake of Lord Krishna and considered it to be a blessing to fight. How is that fighting for Duryodan considered a blessing? By being against Krishna Bheeshma had the good fortune of always in sight of the Lord. if he had fought for Pandavas the same can't be said at all times. Bheeshma wants to enjoy being on the opposite side of Krishna. In the same way as Shishupalan fought against Krishna, Bheeshma is performing a righteous war for the sake of Krishna despite being in the side of Duryodan. Bheeshma is fighting every second with the Lord in his mind during the ten days he fought. That is the only reason why during his last stage of life whilst on a bed of arrows, Krishna himself came running to see him. Krishna urges Bheeshma to proclaim all types of dharmas, to recite Sahasra nama (1000 names of the Lord) and creates a special place in the planet of devotees. 

Bheeshma was able to fight for Duryodan because despite fighting his heart was always meditating on the Lord. We must understand that when one is meditating on the Lord , performing any action during that period will not be treated as a sin. When we perform our duties with expectations and with attachments alone that blessings and sins take effect. But at the same time if we dedicate all the fruit of our actions to the Lord then there is no way that something is going to affect us. There was a fisherman who was fishing for the sake of the Lord. Likewise we are still remembering the lectures rendered by bhaktas like Adi Sankara, Sri Ramanuja, Madhvacharya, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu because they did all lecture delivery for the sake of the Lord and not for their own pride or gain. Sankara sang bhaja govindam as ordered by the Lord and similarly Jayadevar sang Gita Govindam as instructed the Lord. They never did this for the sake of any personal gain. Pride is a big disease and resides naturally with humans with varying degrees of intensity. We must overcome this and for the sake of bhakthi we must dedicate all our actions to Him. In times of happiness we forget everything including the Lord and in times of distress we accuse the Lord of putting us in trouble. Both these are considered inappropriate. We must dedicate our happiness and sorrow to the Lord equally. Tukaram at times made huge profits and suffered huge losses at times but he dedicated everything to Lord Panduranga. It is just for our own good that we have to dedicate the fruits of our actions to the Lord. Dedicating our actions to the Lord will make a big difference to our hearts beyond any doubts. Please try this out whole heartedly and notice the difference it brings to your lives. If we make a visit to the temple, we must go not for being praised but for the sake of the Lord and by doing so a definite difference can be noticed.

Many times we don't receive the full benefit of the work because we do it for others, for our pride and prestige and not for the sake of the Lord. If we begin to develop this habit and if there comes a occasion where we are unable to perform our karma for whatever reason, the Lord by Himself will make sure that He performs the tasks on our behalf. Tukaram forgot to perform rites on the death anniversary of his parents as he was tied up in bhajans. As a result the Lord himself came and performed the rites on his behalf. By doing everything for the Lord, the Lord is duty bound to perform the karmas that we are unable to do. Similarly Pandurangan performed all the tasks for Sakhubai. Similarly Lord buried all the dead cows on behalf of Chokhamela. We must give up all attributes like our caste, status etc and perform duty only for the sake of the Lord. Only by doing karma for the Lord, the action or duty results in giving us unlimited bliss. Similarly many mahatmas who was produced great verses and texts dedicate all their work as Lords will and conclude their work. Hence doing all our karmas for the Lord is the right way to perform all our actions and duties



Poojyashree Shree Ammavin thiruvadigale saranam saranam saranam

Poojyashree Shree Ammavin Thiruvadigale Saranam Saranam Saranam.


4. The Divine Songs - Dhivyaprabhandham

Naalaayira Dhivyaprabandham

RadheKrishna RadheKrishna..

Temples have been built to complete realise the power of the Lord. True Bhakthas have the power to bring the Lord to this planet and make Him stay in the same place. The Lord is also bound by the bhakthi of His devotees and never has He reject His devotees bhakthi. Lord is full of mercy and to satisfy his devotees alone He is bent of performing a number of things. The Lord is not compelled by anyone to do anything and is consummate in everything. But humans are not like the Lord and caught in duality like heat and cold, victory and loss, joy and sorrow. The Lord transcends everything and that is why Andal also claims that the Lord is without any blemishes or shortcomings. But the same Lord is prepared to do anything for his devotees. As requested by the bhaktas the Lord is prepared to shower His mercy even on the common householder.

King Parikshit alone had the longing desire to listen to Bhagavatam. But sage Sukha not only revealed the scripture to Parikshit alone but to all the people in this planet. With one bhaktha as the foundation, good things are distributed to all the people in this world. If we sow a seed, the tree that grows not only benefits the sower but also to the generations that follow. The same tree also provides shelter to a number of birds and animals and they derive the same benefits as the humans derive. The person who sowed the seed can't claim exclusive ownership of the tree and even if he does so, the shade of the tree would benefit a number of people.Similarly bhaktas who worship the Lord results in the benefits of those actions being distributed to all the people around them.A king or a rich person might dug a well or a canal or lay a road that would not only benefit him but also the whole of the village population. There are many examples of this kind. The Lord is thinking about the common people who cant realise Him and decides to come down to earth through bhaktas and their devotion.

The Lord does not know to do a task without a reason. Once King Ambareesha wanted to enjoy the four different forms of the Lord in one go. He meditates on the Lord on the banks of the river Neela and the Lord descended and showed his four different forms to the King. Pandavas also arrived at the same river banks during their reigns. Even they were spell bound by the beauty and decided to meditate on the banks. Each of the Pandavas created an idol and began to worship the Lord. The Lord pleased with the meditation,manifested a variety of forms to the pandavas. The idols of the Lord remained there even after Pandavas had left. This holy place came to be known as Thiruvittuvakodu. It is one of the 108 Tirupathis found in Kerala. Even if the bhaktas who worshipped the idols have long gone, the power of the Lord is still locked in the temples. Lord Ranganatha was established by Vibheeshana and King Tharmaverman who built the temple. Even though both of them are no longer around the presence of the Lord can very much be felt today.
Kulashekara Azhwaar
Kulasekara azhwar had a special attraction towards the Lord of Thiruvittuvakodu. The temple was under the control of the kingdom which he ruled and the azhwar had total faith that the Lord would protect him at any cost. The azhwar proclaims that even if the Lord rejects him, the azhwar will not let go the Lord because he has a few things to accomplish with the help of the Lord. The Lord does not need anyone but everyone needs the mercy of the Lord. Azhwar quotes a variety of examples to indicate that he cant be separated from Him. He observes everyday occurences and derives these examples and sings ten songs in praise of the Lord. If we commit to heart these 10 songs, then at any stage we wont lose faith in the Lord and can feel the presence of the Lord at all times. We will see in coming months these examples and how the azhwar enjoys the Lord through his songs.


Poojyashree Shree Ammavin thiruvadigale saranam saranam saranam

Poojyashree Shree Ammavin Thiruvadigale Saranam Saranam Saranam.




5. Spring Of Spiritual Showers - Experiences Of Bhaktas, Disciples Of Poojyashree Shree Amma, Our Gurujiamma

An experience of a disciple in his / her own words

divine eyes that guard us continuously


Radhekrishna !!

Jai Shree Poojyashree Shree Amma

Naachiyaar Sevai - Amma

Jai Shree Poojyashree Shree Amma


My pranams to Gurujiamma and Guruji
Poojyashree Shree Ammavin thiruvadigale saranam saranam saranam

Poojyashree Shree Ammavin Thiruvadigale Saranam Saranam Saranam.

Sarvam Guruvaarpanam!
Radhekrishna !!



6. Samarpanam

parithraanaaya sadhoonaam vinasaya cha dhushkrutham

dharma sansthapanarthaya sambhavami yuge yuge

Bhagawan takes avatar in each and every yuga mainly to safeguard the bhaktas and then to destroy the rakshasaas who trouble his bhaktas. So Bhagawan comes to this bhoomi from paramapadham just for the sake of his bhaktas. Hence we come to know that bhaktas are very important to the Lord. Whenever Bhagawan comes to rescue his bhaktas, the other fellow people also reap the benefits.........Our guruji amma gives high respect to all the bhaktas. Hence our Vedhanaadham's every issue will be dedicated to one bhakta. This issue we are dedicating to the one of the greatest friends of Lord Shree Krishna Himself namely - 'Uddhava '



The great soul who was the son of the maid-servant of the Queens in Hastinapura and was considered as an incarnation of Yama.

The wise soul, who was the brother of Dhritarashtra and Pandu,  in his teens was appointed by Bheeshma as the chief counsellor of Hastinapura.

The humble minister who was well-known for saying the bitter truth to everyone,  was unparalleled in his knowledge of dharma, sastras and statesmanship and was totally devoid of attachment and anger.

The great mahatma who expounded to Dhritharashtra the righteous path that would lead to happiness and this came to be known as "Vidura Neethi" (Vidura's percepts)

The great devotee of Lord Krishna who saved the Pandavas on many occassions from Duryodana's plots to kill them.

The great bhaktha whose intense devotion dragged Lord Krishna out of love to have food in Vidura's house by rejecting invitations from kings and minsters of Hastinapura.

The loyal minister who accompanied his brother Dhritarashtra, and his sisters-in-law Gandhari, and Kunti on their last journey to the forest.






7. Sacred Living Sanctity - New Pictures Of Poojyashree Shree Amma, Our Gurujiamma

The ultimate liberator bestowed by Lord Sri Krishna!




8. Sathsangam News - Information About The Sathsang Activities Like Forthcoming Pravachans And Programmes

divine eyes that guard us continuously

Sathsangam Programmes held at various places last month


Poojyashree Shree Ammavin thiruvadigale saranam saranam saranam




Forthcoming Pravachanams by Poojyashree Shree Ammas Sishyar - Mahan Brahmashree Gopalavallidasan

 Mahan Brahmashree Gopalavallidasan

Weekly bhajans are held in Chennai, Podanur, Mumbai, USA and East Africa with Guruji Amma's abundant blessings.

 Weekly bhajans and Nagara sankeerthanam are also being held regularly.



 9. Calendar For The Month 


RadheKrishna Krishnaradhe RadheKrishna Krishnaradhe RadheKrishna Krishnaradhe RadheKrishna Krishnaradhe