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Guruji Gopalavalli Dasar's Latest SS Program Schedule:

Guruji Gopalavallidasar has been regularly conducting Sathsangs and upanyasams since his young age of 20. Many of his discourses are available for free download/ listening from our website itself.
Check out Audio Page. Audio discourses on various topics like Bhagavatham, Ramayanam, Bhaktha charitrams etc are truly soul stirring and push us towards Krishna bhakthi. Many videos and also links to youtube videos of Gurujis upanyasam telecasted in Tv channels are available in the Video section. Gurujiamma used to conduct regular bhajans in her residence for devotees till she attained Shree Krishna's Lotus feet. Her divine bhajans are available in the Bhajans section.
"Sathsangathve nissangathwam, nissangathwe nirmohatwam, nirmohatwe nischala tatwam, nischalatatwe jeevanmuktihi".
Therefore, dear devotees get ready to enjoy the divine bliss in the form of Guruji's Sathsangam.

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To book upanyasam program of Brahmashree Guruji Gopalavallidasan, you may contact him through his cell number: 9841140633.

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