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"AchAryaha sa harihi sAkshAth chararoopi na samshayaha".
Guru is the form of Lord ShreeHari, the form which assumes human avatar and interacts with jeevAs. The messages that come from the mouth of Guru are the messages from the Lord ShreeKrishna himself.

Many devotees have been continuously getting answers for their doubts and confusions through our Guruji's messages.Many find peace and solace in the loving and kind words that come through his messages.

Guruji gives his messages to all and sundry without any partiality, the proof being that all his blogs and audio discourses are free to read/hear and download by any seeker of God.
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-Short Messages contain Exclusive WhatsApp Audios.
-Upanyaasams contain his discourses on a variety of topics.
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In addition to these links, one can also get them very conveniently in their mobile phones (in the form of WhatsApp messages), just by sending a request to his mobile no:9841140633

With our Sathguru's grace, holding on to his lotus feet, let us proceed on our journey towards Radha And Krishna.

Sathgurumaharaj ki jai!!!

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