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Everyone is in search of the Supreme One! In this search people go to many punya kshethras, do poojas and recite slokas. Even after doing all these things is their mind at rest? In most of the cases the answer would be NO. Our mind would be satisfied only after listening to the beautiful Leelas of Bagawan Shri Krishna because He has taken an avataar to shower His immeasurable Love and grace on us. 

So now you have got an oppurtunity to listen and enjoy His divine Leelas. Sathsang on Shri Krishna Leela by Poojya Shree Shree Amma's  Disciple Mahan Brahma Shri Gopalavallidasar is uploaded regularly. This is a mission to make you realize the true bliss of Bagawan Shri Krishna. You can hear Shri Krishna Leela on 5th, 15th and 25th of every month. 

Just by the grace of Poojya Shree Shree Amma we are able to bring you this E-Sathsang. Mahan Brahma Shri Gopalavallidasar is taking great efforts to upload these Sathsang even amidst His busy schedules. We are doing this with an intention that people across the globe would be benefited. 

So we won't stop your curiosity anymore. 

Go ahead and enjoy the Divine Voice.

2007 5th 15th 25th
Jan Poochaandi Kichcha Appoochchi Kichchaa Ingaa kichchaa


 2004 5th 15th 25th
Oct Srimath Baagawatha Kathaa 1 Srimath Baagawatha Kathaa 2 Shree Krishna Jananam 1
Nov Shree Krishna Jananam 2 Shree Krishna Jananam 3 Shree Krishna Jananam 4
Dec Shree Krishna Jananam 5 Shree Krishna Jananam 6 Shree Krishna Jananam 7
Jan Shree Krishna Jananam 8 Shree Krishna Jananam 9 part1 Shree Krishna Jananam 10
Shree Krishna Jananam 9 part 2
Feb Shree Krishna Jananam 11 Shree Krishna Gokula Vijayam Srikrishna JananOthsavam 
Mar Sri Gokula Leela SriKrishna and poothana Poothana's bhaakyam
Apr Poothanaa Vadham Krishnan kavizhndha leela Sakadasuran Vadham
May Thrunaavardhan vadham Baagya  Yashodha Yashodha Maathaa
Jun Yashodha Kanda Kaatchi VaayuL Vaiyagam KandaaL Garga Rishiyin Baaghyam  
Jul Thirunaamakaranam Bagawaanin Mahimai Kannan Thavazhthaan
Aug Kutti Kichchaa Kichchaavum Ambuliyum Ambulikku  Kichchavin Adam
Sept Kichchaavin Aattam Kichchaavin Aattam 2 Chappaani Kichhaa
Oct Kichchavin Leelai Krishnanin Kaithatti Aattam Thalarnadai
Nov Thalar Nadai Azhagan Anaikkum Kichchaa Kichchaavin Pinpura Anaippu
Dec "Krishnanin vennai kalavu"    

Due to busy schedule of Mahan Brahma Shri Gopalavallidasar, there are no files in 2006 issue. Radhekrishna!




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